Global Time Attack Round 2: Buttonwillow Raceway Park


If you want to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes, then check out our feature of Moti Almagor’s Miata, dubbed “Morpheus”!


The Foximus Chevy Cobalt owned by Chris Hofmann. Don’t let this rocket ship’s circuit scarceness fool you into thinking it’s playing handicapped with more “traditional” time attack cars.


Jack Thomas’ Fiat 500 Abarth of R1 Concept and Team Jolly Club. Show car, race car, and an avid time attacker. Thomas once again proves that it is possible to have the best of both worlds.


Ulrik Szirka, one of the younger contenders to compete in Global Time Attack, piloted this Subaru Outback “Shag Wagon” for BC Racing NA and GST Motorsports in the street AWD class. Szirka is definitely one to watch throughout this 2017 season.


A S54 motor swapped E36 M3 time attack beast piloted by Brett Smrz. Representing Trinity Autosport in the Unlimited RWD class.


Roy Narvaez of Narvaez Racing brought out his killer Dodge Viper to shred some rubber at round 2. Narvaez is known to never drive boring cars and can be seen piloting two and sometimes even three race cars on any given track day. For this day, he piloted both his Viper and number 50 Nissan GTR to podium finishes.


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