Global Time Attack Round 2: Buttonwillow Raceway Park


Time attack wouldn’t be time attack without the presence of a Mitsubishi Evo! Tony Szirka’s aggressive EVO monster running in the unlimited AWD class.

7:30 AM, drivers meeting commences and shortly after, the drivers begin lining up on grid for their first session.


Hearing each vehicle turning on throughout the park is a masterful symphony composed with the howls of exhaust notes, force induced wails, and the distinct shrill of brake pads scouring fresh rotors.


With the crackle of gravel against fresh tire and the asphalt, this orchestra is a piece that can only be experienced in person.


Likewise, it is a reminder of our addiction for all things motorsport. It’s a passion that goes beyond the surface, and sacrifice is a word that only begins to describe what happens within this world.


Every second counts. Focus…


3..2…1…… GO.


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