Global Time Attack Round 2: Buttonwillow Raceway Park


Roy Narvaez bringing in second place with a solid 1:53.608 in the Narvaez Racing Nissan GT-R.


Continuing the domination throughout all AWD classes is yet another amazing Nissan GT-R from RD Engineering, piloted by the talented Steven Chan. Chan brought in a solid 1:52.653, proving that he knows a thing or two about the rules of traction.


Rear Wheel Drive


A beautiful Porsche GT3 from Counterspace Garage sweeps into the third place spot with a time of 1:59.157 set by Angelo Lim.


Because they don’t lift, We Don’t Lift’s Honda NSX lands in the second place spot for the limited RWD class with a time of 1:59.114. Separating third and second with only .043 second!


Roy Narvaez again with another podium finish, but this time hitting first place with a very fast 1:51.595 in his neck-breaking Viper. All Narvaez is missing in his repertoire now is a record smashing FWD racecar! Three cars, three classes, three podiums, one race, and one man to do it all. Let’s do it!


Front Wheel Drive


Kenneth Pasquinucci in his Fiat 500 brings in second place with a time of 2:28.809!


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