Global Time Attack Round 2: Buttonwillow Raceway Park


Bryan Friday with the first place finish on a Saturday with a solid 2:04.135 in his boosted EG.


The Street Class


All Wheel Drive


Jaime Jacquez in his minty Subaru STI lands in third with a 2:07.419.


The number 69 “shag wagon” with a time of 2:06.818 is Ulrik Szirka in the BC Racing Subaru Outback.


Lastly, with a brand new livery is Snail Performance’s very own Sally “Salty” McNulty with the first place finish at 2:01.215! Love the Tomei livery and can’t wait to see what else is in store for this little WRX.


Rear Wheel Drive


Matt Johnson in the A’PEXi Lexus RC F lands in second place with a 2:03.765. A very solid time for a street class RWD, and you just cannot hate on the color!


Clement Kwong taking home another first place victory with a solid 2:00.006. Kwong previously walked away with first place at Boostfest while equipped with a Vortech supercharger. However, for round 2, he went back to his normal naturally aspirated setup and proved once again that he’s a young talent to watch out for.


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