Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale


Unlimited Class RWD

Odds are, if you’ve been on any automotive website that caters to speed freaks in the past year, you’ve laid eyes on the JGTC-inspired bodywork on the Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S. Let it be known that it’s truly stunning in person. It is also seriously fast on-track, though we have no official record of that this year as the boosted EA20 decided to give up the ghost just before timed laps began. However, the Evasive Motorsports team seems largely unfazed and is already planning to swap in their backup engine and return to Buttonwillow to continue developing their FR-S, stating that more power is definitely in the works.

Unlimited Class AWD

Tony “Hot Cawk” Szirka set a personal best time in the UMS Tuning Mitsubishi Evo with a 1:52.781 and walked away with first place for his trouble. This was 4 seconds faster than 2 years ago, quite impressive for a car that was down approximately 100hp due to a cracked intercooler. Not one to rest on his laurels (whatever laurels are), Szirka is upgrading to Evo X front control arms, an adjustable bump steer kit, heim joints at ALL the points, adding lightness, more power (200hp) and a super secret suspension component to be unveiled at a future date and time.One lap was all that was needed for “Texas” Dave Carapetyan to secured 2nd place in Unlimited AWD with a time of 1:58.663. Sadly, it was also all that was needed to completely remove the front splitter after a minor farming expedition. Bad news, the tires weren’t even warm yet, so the time isn’t a true representation of what this car is capable of. Good news, Texas Dave was planning on upgrading the front aero in preparation for Pikes Peak regardless, so no harm no foul. 2014 looks to be a busy year for Team Rally Ready and the ODR Fab Evo 8; luckily for us more time attack is on the schedule with plans to go to Road Atlanta in May.
Coco Zurita lives his life fast in all aspects mixing racing with BMX. Driving the Road Racing Engineering 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X, Zurita piloted his beast to a 3rd place in Unlimited AWD with a time of 2:00.492. Future plans involve upgrading the car and mixing in video projects to document the fast life.

With the tire smoke cleared, the brake dust settled, and the teams dispersed, Buttonwillow reclaims its sleepy town status, signaling an end to the 2013 season of Global Time Attack. We can’t think of a more fitting end either, with the Super Lap Battle drawing a record number of entrants and showing that time attack is truly beginning to take hold in North America. Variety was present not only in the wide range of cars, from the fully-caged, aerodynamically advanced machines seen in the Unlimited classes to the wayward street cars marked “Enthusiast”, but also in the variety of the participants, who staged a friendly invasion of the United States America, hailing from as far as England and Canada. Regardless of where your allegiance fell in regards to car or country, one thing is for certain – if there is a track record in place, you can be certain that somewhere, someone is toiling away modifying their car, and turning in track time, looking to do one lap faster so they can put their name on the leaderboard for at least one more year.

Enthusiast FWD

1-Pradana “Ping” WiliantoEvasive Motorsports / Sportcar Motion / Honda Bandung Center Racing Team 2007 Acura CSX Type-S

2:01.314 *New Class Record*

Enthusiast RWD

1-Rif DagherCR Racing 2011 BMW M31:58.239 *New Class Record*
2-Amir BentatouStanceworks E36 BMW M31:58.458
3-Powei HuangAuto-Logic / Bob’s Donuts M32:01.680
4-Chris Reber2013 Ford Mustang GT2:02.677

Enthusiast AWD

1-Craig PeyronOutlaw Motorsports / Robispec / Yimisport Tuning 2006 Subaru WRX STI1:56.325 *New Class Record*
2-Tony FuentesTFJ Racing 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution X1:59.228
3-Michael JantzKato Racing 2007 Subaru STI2:03.895
4-Michael CruzMassimo Power / GF Suspension / CD Motorsports / Siuperben Racing 2008 Mitsubishi Evo X2:09.503

Street FWD

1-Chris BoersmaBoersma Racing Honda Civic SiR2:01.695
2-Jason LeeGodspeed Project / Sportcar Motion 2007 Honda Civic Si2:03.654
3-Ken SuenGodspeed / Sportcar Motion 2013 Honda Civic Si2:06.271

Street RWD

1-Will WattanawongkiriWattanawongkiri Racing 1991 Nissan 240sx1:54.969
2-Ricky KwanThe R's Tuning 2011 E92 BMW M31:58.181
3-Mike KangCounterSpace Garage BRZ1:59.504
4-Rod ChangThe R's Tuning E92 BMW M32:00.041
5-Terry LiuPlatte Forme a.g. BMW Z4 M2:00.461
6-Ashton StanderHillbank Motorsports Ford Mustang2:04.794
7-Andrew NierNier Racing Group Ford Mustang GT2:04.994
8-Terry LiuAirRex Nissan 370z2:15.587

Street AWD

1-Brian BengaliMassimo Power Mitsubishi Evo IX1:53.068 *New Class Record*
2-Mark JagerYimi Sport Tuning 2006 Subaru STI1:53.207
3-Breckinridge HaggertyAQ Motorsports Subaru STI1:55.398
4-John CarsonKT Motoring 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX1:56.734
5-Spencer LiThe R's Tuning Nissan GT-R1:56.835
6-Taylor WilsonSnail Performance 2009 Subaru WRX “SHOWKAR”1:57.031
7-Matt Dennison2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX2:01.465
8-Istvan KlagNightMotorsport Racing Subaru STI2:01.898
9-Todd EarsleyMyShopAssist 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII2:03.882

Limited FWD

1-Dr. Tim KuoSportcar Motion Acura Integra Type R1:52.886 *New Class Record*
2-James HoughtonR-Division Acura Integra Type R1:55.685
3-Kevin CourtneyBobbly Lane Racing Kiet Le Honda Accord1:59.158
4-Tony JacksonEibach Springs 1993 Honda Civic1:59.273
5-Doug WindModern Performance Dodge SRT42:00.081

Limited RWD

1-Tyler McQuarriePlatte Form a.g. BMW E46 M31:48.038 *New Class Record*
2-Adam KnapikKnapik Racing / FR Sport Nissan 240sx1:50.152
3-Cody KishelRaceWerkz Engineering E92 BMW M31:53.639
4-Ricky KwanThe R's Tuning Honda S20001:54.565
5-Graham DowneyBlacktrax Performance / CT Engineering / TunerPlayground / Hankook Tire 2005 Honda S2000 “Irene”1:56.274
6-Derrick LeeA&J Racing Subaru BRZ1:58.820
7-Kevin ParlettSOHO Motorsports / Turbo By Garrett 2005 Inifniti G352:03.165
8-Larry ChenSpeedhunters 1970 Datsun 240z2:08.784
9-Dai YoshiharaLexus IS2:09.531
10-Reid YokenWhiteline Flatout Chevrolet Corvette2:15.971

Limited AWD

1-Michael ChangEvasive Motorsports Mitsubishi Evo IX1:49.102
2-Clint BoisdeauNovak Racing Subaru Impreza1:50.029
3-Ryan GatesGates 311RS Mitsubishi Evo X1:51.791
4-JC MeynetAQ Motorsports Subaru STI1:53.079
5-Zhong CheungFFTEC Motorsports 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX1:53.396
6-Ron ChangThe R's Tuning 2012 Nissan GT-R1:54.287
7-Alex LewandowskiJDM Factory Mitsubishi Evo1:55.242
8-Roy Narveaz Jr.Narvaez Racing 2009 Nissan GT-R1:57.812
9-Ivo MitkovRenner Motorsports Subaru RS1:58.192

Unlimited FWD

1-Craig UtterJDM Speedshop Honda Civic EG2:05.072
2-Angel RoblesForge Motorsport Mk1 VW GolfDNF

Unlimited RWD

1-Robert WalkerEvasive Motorsports Scion FRSDNF

Unlimited AWD

1-Tony SzirkaUMS Tuning Mitsubishi Evo1:52.781
2-Texas Dave CarapetyanRally Ready / ODR Fab Mitsubishi Evolution1:58.663
3-Coco ZuritaContinental Tire Mitsubishi Evo X2:00.492


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