Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale


Mark Jager thought he had first place secured in the Yimi Sport Tuning 2006 Subaru STI. Breaking the previous Street AWD track record with a 1:53.207, but that ended up being two tenths behind the winning time of Massimo Power. Jager headed back out after lunch with high hopes of taking down the time, but 4th gear let go and a last minute transmission replacement wasn’t in the cards. Disappointed with the mechanical failure, the team is still very pleased with the time they ran and a very solid second place finish. Future plans include really showing what’s possible in Street class or just possibly stepping up to Limited…
Even though time attack is considered a non-contact sport, Breckinridge Haggerty found himself in a pinch when he ran out of track and occupying the same space as a fellow competitor. Newtonian physics being what they are, Breckinridge had to spend his lunch break massaging his fender, bumper, and splitter back into a shape that would please the tech inspection gods. After the emergency plastic surgery, he found himself setting lap times 2.5 seconds faster than before, securing a 1:55:398, good for third place. In a show of good sportsmanship, the other driver has offered to help Breckinridge repair his WRX, claiming responsibility for the unintentional bump – good people, those time attackers.
Initially planning on competing in Enthusiast AWD, John Carson and the KT Motoring 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX were bumped to Street AWD due to a revised front fascia, considered an aerodynamic aid. With the pressure on, Carson stepped up to the plate and knocked out a personal best of 1:56.726, good for 4th Place in class. Carson says there are no plans on stepping back to Enthusiast, so his “Fat Pig” will go on a diet, receive an upgraded aero package and bump the torque output to improve corner exit speeds as well as transient response.
R’s Tuning believes in having a fast car for the track, but also in being able to drive the aforementioned fast car to and from the track. We at MotoIQ believe it has something to do with a deep-rooted mistrust of trailers. Whatever the case is, Ricky Kwan not only drove this mildly tuned GTR to a 1:56.835 lap time, but he did so after making the drive from Irvine, California, staying true to the “Street” portion of Street AWD. Ricky tells us that the GTR is the owner, Spencer Li’s first foray into serious automotive modification and this event has proven to be quite the gateway drug. Next year, we’re promised a wide bodied car with “lots of crazy stuff, as you would expect from R’s Tuning.” We’re excited.A few gremlins popped up on Snail Performance’s 2009 Subaru WRX “SHOWKAR”, but sticking brakes didn’t stop driver Taylor Wilson from setting the fastest time the car has ever gone a Buttonwillow with a 1:57.031. With such strong competition, the time was good for 6th place in Street AWD, but the potential has been revealed and Snail will begin revamping the aero package, chassis setup and the car (and perhaps even the driver) might go on a diet as well for 2014.
Matt Dennison has been in the Time Attack scene for years now, further developing his personal 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution, but this year was a whole new ball of wax. The car had a heavily revised powerplant with substantially more power than years past and this event was seen more as a test-and-tune rather than a chance to fully reach the car’s potential. Aero tweaks were made throughout the day to try and reach a neutral chassis attitude, but with limited tire grip, Dennison ended up in 7th place with a time of 2:01.468. Next year, with improved testing, Dennison plans on reaching the full potential of his heavily revised Evo.

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