Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale


Time Attack regular and Turbo by Garrett powered NightMotorsport Racing brought out their immaculate hawk eye Subaru STI to dice it up in Street AWD. Ending with a time of 2:01.898 and an 8th place finish, driver Istvan said that SLB proved to be a crazy event for the team as they were kept busy sorting out a new E85 tune for the engine and a suspension that didn’t want to cooperate. Since they aren’t quite satisfied with the results of this year’s event, Istvan and NightMotorsport Racing already have scheduled a number of testing days and plan on returning to Global Time Attack next year and promise to have a well-sorted car, ready to break records.
Turns out you need coolant in your engine to run. Who’da thunk it?! Todd Earsley drove the My Shop Assist 2003 Mitsubishi Evo VIII to a solid 2:03.882 and 9th place in Street AWD with an ailing car. Earsley’s modified turbo kit decided to have clearance issues with the aftermarket radiator, rubbing a hole and rendering the car unable to compete. All in all, the My Shop Assist team took everything in stride and had a great event. Future plans include more shakedown time, practice at Buttonwillow and a precisely placed piece of chewing gum to keep the car from leaking next time!

Limited Class FWD

When not busy saving lives and repairing humans, Dr. Tim Kuo likes to spend his time breaking hearts in the time attack world by using his finely honed driving skills to best his competition. Thankfully, the good doctor was able to fly out from Michigan to help Sportcar Motion uphold their Limited FWD track record and keep the title of fastest Integra in North America from falling into the hands of the treacherous Canadians, (I think I’m now on record for being the only person to refer to Canadians as treacherous) despite their best efforts. For next year, the Doctor’s prognosis is that the Sportcar Motion team will be back and prescribing an even bigger beatdown.Hailing from the country known as the USA’s hat, James Houghton and the team behind the R-Division Integra Type R put up a great effort, in spite of the mechanical gremlins that tried to derail their SLB aspirations. The team says that they’ve learned that the ‘Murican brand of racing demands a different setup from the Integra and next year they plan on revamping the car to help bring victory to their home and native land. With that, they’ve also invited the competitors to head north of the border and partake in the CSCS time attack series, which we can only assume is more polite than American time attack and has a higher amount of poutine.Bobby Lane Racing and driver, Kevin Courtney, had it all figured out. Planning ahead and scheduling practice time to dial in the freshly revalved Tein suspension before the GTA / SLB finale. Unfortunately for the team, a freak wheel failure dashed those plans and all dialing in would have to be done the day of the main event. Even with the problems, Courtney drove the Accord to a personal best of 1:59.158, 3rd place in Limited FWD. With further testing and plans to keep all 4 wheels on the car, the team is confident a 1:57 is possible next year.
Tony Jackson and the Eibach Springs 1993 EG Honda Civic where a tenth a way from being on the podium. Tantalizingly close for the 180whp momentum car. The time of 1:59.273 was good for 4th place in the very close Limited FWD field. Plans for 2014 will consist of more power. Screw momentum when you have a K20 or built B18C pulling this lightweight hatch.Doug Wind and the Modern Performance SRT4 crew came to the GTA / SLB finale with high expectations, but almost immediately those expectations were dashed. An off track excursion unceremoniously removed the entire front splitter and shredded it in the process. Struggling without front aero, Wind drove for a time of 2:00.081 and 5th place in class. Realizing the competition has greatly stepped up their game, Wind plans to upgrade the teams proven SRT4 platform for next years GTA / SLB finale and shamelessly taunt the FWD “Cali-boi’s” until they come for an East Coast event.

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