Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale


While Platte Forme a.g. may have owned the fastest time of the day, numerous other records were broken in other classes. Sit back, grab a cold beverage, and enjoy our re-cap of each car, each team, in each class.

Enthusiast FWD Class

Pradana “Ping” Wilianto may have been the only driver in Enthusiast FWD, but Wilianto's time of 2:01.314 set a new class record and would have won Street FWD regardless! Driving the Evasive Motorsports / Sportcar Motion / Honda Bandung Center Racing Team 2007 Acura CSX Type-S, Wilianto felt the event was a great success and will be back in 2014.

Enthusiast RWD Class

Another record setting performance was made in Enthusiast RWD class. Rif Dagher and the CR Racing 2011 BMW M3 blew out the previous record with a 1:58.239. Dagher was particularly pleased with his Yokohama Advan AD08R tires and JRZ 2-Way Coilovers. Not content with one record, Dagher plans to step up to Street RWD class, remove a bunch of weight and possibly even add a supercharger. Competitors, you've been warned.
Amir Bentatou narrowly missed out on first place with a time of 1:58.458, just 2 tenths of a second shy of Rif Dagher's record time. Bentatou drives his Stanceworks E36 BMW M3 every day and enjoyed cool A/C on his ride home from Buttonwillow. Bentatou has plans for a Time Attack Porsche in a few years, but for the time being the Stanceworks M3 will be tweaked and perfected to try and secure the Enthusiast RWD track record for keeps.
With the tastiest sponsor on the grid, Powei Huang set a fast lap of 2:01.680 in the Auto-Logic/Bob’s Donuts M3, proving that you can still enjoy fried dough and be a successful racer. We can only assume that the secret to Powei’s podium finish has something to do with delicious donuts, though his past experience and 1st place records in the GTA/Shift S3ctor Pro-Am series points to some serious driving talent. In any case, Powei used the four donuts at each corner of the Auto-Logic M3 to secure a great end to his 2013 time attack season.
Driver Chris Reber brought out his personal 2013 Ford Mustang GT and knocked out a time of 2:02.677. In Reber's words “I brought a knife to a gun fight”, but he did earn the title of this year's fastest Mustang. Next year will bring new front brakes, removal of some weight and a possibility for aero mods.

Enthusiast AWD Class

A new class record of 1:56.325 was set by Craig “The Outlaw” Peyron in the Outlaw Motorsports / Robispec / Yimisport Tuning 2006 Subaru WRX STI. As mentioned in our previous article, Street class looks to be the future venue for this supremely fast machine. With just over 3 seconds separating Peyron from the best Street lap ever set, the future looks bright indeed.
Tony Fuentes brought out the TFJ Racing 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution X and secured a strong second place finish in Enthusiast AWD with a solid time of 1:59.228. Already looking ahead to 2014, with the likely chance that Craig Peyron is stepping up to Street AWD, Fuentes looks to reset records in 2014.

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