Global Time Attack/Super Lap Battle Buttonwillow Finale


Mike Kang and the CounterSpace Garage team found themselves pressed for time and running on fumes by the time Super Lap Battle began, but that didn’t stop them from posting a seriously impressive 1:59:504 lap time – good for third place in Street RWD. Next year, Mike plans on having more than 40 minutes of sleep before the event and is also planning on dialing in the suspension and engine tune to maximize the BRZ’s potential.
With a grand total of ten minutes behind the wheel of this street-driven M3, Ron Chang was able to click off a 2:00.041 lap. It sounds like the short time on track wasn’t enough to satisfy him though, as he and Mingcong “Mango” Ding, the M3’s owner, are already talking about heading back to the track in 2014. “That’s the fun part about racing, I guess,” says Ron, “you never know what you can get into.” From the sounds of things, if given another 10 minutes, he would be able to find his way to the podium.
Terry Liu was doing double duty this week, balancing track time between the Platte Forme a.g. Z4 M and the AirRex 370Z. While in the driver’s seat of the ESS supercharged BMW, Terry was able to put down a respectable 2:00:461 lap. The Platte Forme a.g. build must have been an inspiration, as Terry is planning on building his own Z4 M to campaign at time attack events in 2014.
Showing support for good old-fashioned American muscle, Ashton Stander did his best to tame the Hillbank Motorsports Mustang and drove his way to a slightly sideways 2:04:794. Ashton says that he had a great time out on track and is looking forward to competing in more events next year, which is great news for American car fans everywhere, which includes the authors of this article.
Andrew Nier and the Nier Racing Group where very pleased with their performance at their first Time Attack event. A personal best of 2:04.994 was set, good for 7th place in Street RWD. The time was inline with other stock aero cars and all the more incredible considering the Mustang was on stock dampers. 2014 plans include upgrades to the suspension as well as adding an aero package from newly acquired sponsor, APR Performance.
Spectators at this year’s event were surprised and confused to see a 370Z on a fully dropped air suspension in the pits rocking a GTA / SLB number plate, but once Terry Liu raised the car to race height, he proved the worth of his AirRex suspension setup. Though the suspension worked great on track, the infamously temperamental VQ37 engine decided that the southern California heat was too much and decided to limp instead of run, leaving Terry with a 2:15.587 lap.

Street Class AWD

Massimo Power once again proved to be true champions of the Street AWD class, with Brian Bengali turning a 1:53.068 in the ever-improving MP Evolution IX. Staying true to its name, Mauricio Calderon has promised that changes to the Evolution are already in the works and next year, Massimo Power will be campaigning in the Limited AWD class. Even with a new record to his name, Brian remained humble and reminded us that time attack is just about “getting out there and having some fun.”

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