Grand Am: Road America 2013


The Ferraris would run out of steam on the long straights, and then make up ground in the corners.
The GT Points leader – Magnus Racing.
Pat Long chasing down the leaders.
Everyone was lifting the front right tire through turn 3.
Bill Auberlen let loose in the last 1/2 hour to take the win.

Overall, the Grand Am race was pretty exciting. Full Course Yellows were kept to a minimum and I got an idea of what to expect in the combined DP/ P2 class for next year. The driver talent in the Grand Am series is fantastic. Scott Pruett has been around for a long time, and you can tell by how smooth he is.  The DPs definitely have a stock car feel: Loud, lower revving power plants, with minimal aero and driver aids. The P2s are currently 4-6 seconds a lap faster, but with better grip, more aero, and either less weight or more horsepower. 

Road America catered to a packed house of sports car fans of both series. Next year the race will be one series with a larger grid, and the most competitive classes from each series. Let’s hope they take it one step further and make it more of an endurance race, with a 6 hour timespan. 2:45 is just not enough time for such a great track.

Alessandro Balzan tearing through T5 on his first trip to Road America. This is his first season in Grand Am and his first time on many of the US tracks.

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