86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old

86Fest II

86Fest II – Presented by Turn14: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old

By Justin Banner, Additional Photography by Nick Betz


Yeah, we went to a car show. However, it's not really just any car show so we haven't lost our auto-geek ways yet. This show is unique since it's more of a celebration than just a car show. It's a show that brings out the classics and the new classics of the Sport Compact generation. A car that has been built on legend and one that is starting to gain its own. A car that has been used in Japanese comics, drifting, and even has its own one-make series; a car that is quickly gaining the reputation of being fun to drive and great handling at the track in just its stock form. We're talking about 86Fest and in just its second year, 86Fest presented by Turn14 has grown exponentially thanks to the low entry fee for the Scion FR-S. It's not just about that car, either, 86Fest is all about the 86 and that includes the 1985-1987 Toyota Corolla whick is better known by its chassis code: AE86.

What surprised me the most was just how large this event was. 86Fest is put on by Antonio Alvendia and his business partner Kevin Tidwell. Those names sound familiar because they are also the main ones in charge of the online car culture and photography site, MotorMavens. 86Fest is still very young, it was only started last year, but because of the gigantic boom in the FR-S and BRZ markets it has grown exponentially. The show was held once again in the infield at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA and was also joined this time by SpeedVentures and a round of SCCA Solo autocross.

It was a really fun event and kept moving and growing as the day went on. With each hour that passed, it seemed like more and more Corollas, FR-S' and BRZs were rolling in. Groups came from as far away as Las Vegas and Arizona, while companies came from as far away as Pennsylvania. Speaking of the vendors, that area was packed full of companies that had new and exciting products for the FR-S and BRZ. It was also very organized and well managed by our good friend Yukio Taira.

In the end, there was a surprise that many of us here at MotoIQ weren't expecting. More on that later, now on with the show coverage!

86Fest II Media

Just to give you an idea of how much 86Fest has grown, we were not the only outside media on hand. Photographers, videographers, and other journalists were pounding the ground finding the next great show car or just the guy getting fast times at the autocross.

86Fest II Media

Guys like Andrew Bohan from Lifeblasters, Danny Nguyen from JDM Zipties, myself and others were pounding the pavement and getting the photos and news out from the 'Fest. While the event was run by MotorMavens, it was open for all media to come and cover.
Ken Gushi 86Fest 2
A few Formula Drift drivers who are connected with the ZN6 and AE86 were on hand to talk to fans about their cars and the companies they represent. Ken Gushi was there for Greddy, Taka Aono was on hand for Megan Racing, and Toshiki Yoshioka was participating with Koyo Radiator and Yokohama Tires. Later in the day, Joon Maeng showed up with his personal AE86 and the Lucas Oil/Road Race Engineering crew for an autocross session.

86Fest II

Men, women, boys, and girls all came out to see the latest tricked out FR-S and BRZ vehicles and gain new appreciation for the lineage of the 86 chassis. It was actually really cool to see this kid ask questions and his dad explain the details of the car. This is how you bring up new gearheads and this is just further proof that car culture isn't dead, not by a long shot.

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