86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


86Fest Autocross

The autocross brought out the best performers in both the classic AE86 chassis…

Innovate Motorsports FR-S

And the new FR-S and BRZ. Innovate Motorsports even brought their supercharger equipped FR-S to display and take potential customers around the course. Our own Project FR-S has this supercharger installed and look for it in the next edition of the build.

AW11 MR-2 86Fest

The autocross even brought out some other great chassis' that Toyota used to build like the MR-2. All three generations of the mid-engine wonder were represented at the autocross.

86 Fest II Autocross

Classic, new, and in between; they were all on display in proper fashion and dodging cones for the Fastest Time of the Day.

86Fest II Autocross

It was great seeing these cars doing what they were meant to. Being hucked around a course battling it out to see who would end up on top at the end of the day.

Tofu BRZ

Why, yes, there was that livery out there on one of the newer “86s,” except this one was on a Subaru BRZ. Makes you wonder if the Fujiwaras would approve of the ZN6 chassis like the previous AE86?

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