86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


Whiteline 86Fest

Not only did they have parts on display on their booth table, but on their demo car as well. No better way to show the potential customer than to show your parts on their car.


Raceseng was at 86Fest showing off all kinds of machined goodies for the ZN6 owner. They also were given the pleasure of handing out the “Raceseng Choice Award.” It was machined from a solid chunk of aluminum, so the lucky winner was going to get a very unique prize at the end of the event!

Raceseng 86 Shift Know

Raceseng had some great product on display, too. The crafted aluminum was impressive and the quality was top notch.

Pulley Kit

The newest product they had on display was a CNC Pulley Kit for the FR-S and BRZ.

Innovate Motorsports

Another company diving head first into the power adder market for the ZN6 was Innovate Motorsports. As mentioned earlier, they were giving rides at the autocross course with their supercharged FR-S.

Innovate Supercharger

They also put the new supercharger on a prominent display with a brand new FA20 engine. Innovate also had the supercharger apart to display the internals of their kit.

AEM 86Fest II

It wouldn't be a properly tuned car if you didn't have something from AEM installed on it. AEM displayed strut tower bars, Dryflow Air Filters, and their exhaust system for the FR-S and BRZ. While it wasn't on display, they were also discussing the details of their electronics for the ZN6.

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