86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


86 Fest II

Actually, it was just as interesting to listen to the adults ask questions about the race cars.

Evasive FR-S

Well, it's not hard to ask questions and be in awe of a Pikes Peak challenger. This is the Evasive FR-S that took on the Unlimited Category at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year. Actually, they were bumped into that class after all of the aero was installed. They did a very impressive time, considering how new this chassis is and that this was their first attempt against the nearly unlimited funding of Peugeot and the sort of not-as-limited-but-still-limited budget of Rhys Millen and his Hyundai Genesis Unlimited car.

Evasive FR-S

Thanks to my 9-to-5 job at Mackin Industries, I've gotten to see this car up close and personal. It's astonishing in the amount of work they put into this car, the Scion xD Rally Car, and still have time to run a business. Despite the race cars, every car that pulls in at Evasive gets the full attention of the technicians.

Mackin FR-S

Speaking of Mackin, they brought out their Rocket Bunny equipped Gram Lights Scion FR-S to 86Fest. This car has been through some cosmetic changes since its last outing but it's still showing off the 57DR and 57Xtreme on each side. Seriously, the driver's side has 57DRs and the passenger's side has 57Xtremes.

Motul 86 Fest

Motul brought out a really cool car for their display: a USAC Rally America Toyota Corolla rally car!

Motul AE86

It was pure, functional, rally car and a real treat to see. Seeing this car makes me wonder when someone in the US will do an FR-S rally car in the 2WD National Category. There is one in Japan and I believe there is one in Europe as well, but here in the US we are dominated by Front Wheel Drive cars in our 2WD and Group 2 categories.

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