86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


Toyota with 'vette engine

Well, I think we have climaxed on the “what can we stuff a GM LS engine into” category. This classic Toyota had a 5.7L Corvette engine stuffed inside it.

KE70 Corolla 86Fest

That classic Toyota was none other than a KE70 Toyota Corolla. I've heard of 1UZ equipped KE70s that pulled wheelies as they exited corners with slick tires. While I don't think he has that problem this little Toyota is probably still a blast to drive!

AE86s at 86Fest

Of course, you can't have 86Fest without AE86s. There were just as many being shown off as there were taking part in the autocross!


Every single one displayed the pride of the AE86: the Toyota 4AGE engine. The biggest variation was its induction but they were all naturally aspirated.

Super Clean AE86

They also ranged from super clean, tastefully classics to…

Rat 'rolla

To “holy crap, how did that get out of the driveway, let alone on the highway?!”

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