86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


86 Fest II

I'm going to be very honest here; I don't know what the hell this is supposed to be. It has the looks of a race car…


With kind of functional looking race car parts and aerodynamics…


And a turbocharged engine. However, it didn't have a cage and the paint job was, well, ratty. I dig ratty, don't get me wrong. I like race car looks.

86Fest II

But if you're going all out and going for that race car look, put a cage in it.

86Fest Celica Supra

There were some great looking classic cars in attendance, too. Not just Corollas, as we see here with this stretched tire Celica-Supra.

Beer Tap Shifter

While not functional, I did get a kick out of the Dos Equis tap handle shifter…

Tom's Classic Steering Wheel

And the classic Tom's steering wheel.

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