86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old



Vendor's Row was more than just a row, it was several and the companies ranged from detailing and accessories to full on race car parts.

Cusco 86 Fest

Cusco had new seats developed by Bride on display along with new chassis parts, exhaust parts…

Cusco 86Fest II

Apparel and accessories…

Winmax Cusco

And new WinmaX Brake Pads for the FR-S and BRZ. Brake pads seem to be a popular choice after tires and wheels for the ZN6 chassis. It handles well enough nearly on its own so upgrading the pads to materials with more bite would be the next logical area to gain time on the track and autocross course.

Jacoson Racing

Jackson Racing was on display as well. While they are better known for their Honda and Miata Supercharger kits, they are jumping head first into the FR-S and BRZ Market with their own Supercharger kit. Oscar Jackson Sr. and Jr. were both on hand to help explain why the supercharger was the best choice in engine performance pickup while keeping it street legal for smog.

Rallysport Direct 86Fest

Rallysport Direct brought our their Subaru BRZ for display and it had a selection of the great parts they carry for their customers to look forward to. They are well known in the Subaru community, but there is one more community they are shooting for.

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