86Fest II: Celebration of a Chassis, Young and Old


Ford Focus ST

That other market they're pursuing is the Ford Focus ST, which they had on display at 86Fest to drum up some interest. With mountune announcing that they are coming over to the US from Europe, I expect to see a boom in this market very soon.


ARK brought about some really impressive parts for the ZN6 enthusiast and their display car was pretty impressive, too.


Their Rocket Bunny equipped car was fitted with a set of bronze Volk Racing TE37V wheels. While you may think “I've seen one Rocket Bunny car, I've seen them all,” there is something about the use of those bronze TE37Vs that just makes it feel so different. The classic stepped lip just seems to bring out something in the kit.

Nitto Tires

It could be the near square fitment of the Nitto Tires, too.

Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Performance brought out their “race proven” brake pads for display to the 86Fest crowd. With so many brake companies vying for attention, it makes you wonder who will end up on top in the braking distance game.

Whiteline 86 Fest

Whiteline also brought out their very impressive lineup of suspension performance parts.

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