Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW – Round 2


Our final competitor in the 32’s was Sonya Klaus in her 2008 350Z. She received a 0.1 second Hellafunctional penalty due to her cut-up rear bumper. I hear this is a trend in the Z community now, but until there’s a diffuser back there it’s an eye sore to us. Props go to her cage fabricator though! The a-pillar gussets are in the shape of stars, which was a surprising touch. We’re sure it was a PITA to make them, but the end result is well worth the effort. This was Sonya’s first time through our Super-G course and once she got the hang of it was able to come out with a score of 32.046 after her 0.1 handicap.


Round 1 podium finisher Peter West came back for round 2, but this time instead of bringing out his full tilt R35 GT-R he came with his 2008 350Z. Peter’s Z was very clean and receive zero penalty points, which helped him get into the top 5 with a 31.343.


Andrew Fritts brought back the Whiteline Mustang with hopes of another podium finish, but unfortunately some electrical gremlins were causing the car to go into limp mode and kept him from being able to lay down a solid lap. He still ended up with a competitive time of 31.238. We hope the Whiteline team has figured out the issues, because we would love to see this car back out running with us.


What a funny coincidence that all of our Round 1 podium finishers ended up right next to each other in the Round 2 standings. Though Chris Billedo was not able to defend his Round 1 title, he was able to get his 2015 C7 back into the podium. With zero Hellafunctional penalty points and an average time of 30.213, Chris finished in 3rd place.




  1. I wish there was an event like this closer to me on the east coast. I’d probably not be competitive but I still want to try!

  2. I know there is a show aspect to this whole competition, but adding pretty arbitrary penalties to a completely objective measurement such as lap time seems pretty counterintuitive to the “function over form” motto… perhaps it would’ve been better to separate the two.

    Also the stated penalty is meant to not penalize those that have kept their car stock or near stock as stated, but there’s several heavily modded cars who didn’t not get penalized for being “clean,” whatever that means.

    1. You need not look at this event as purely on-track competition. This is an attempt to combine elements of a car show which is completely arbitrary, and elements of motorsport competition which is black and white. If you have a better way of accomplishing this, we’re all ears. Besides, the time penalties are quite small and almost insignificant. Try to have a little fun with it man.

      If you want total competition, come out to one of our Track Challenge events.

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