Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW – Round 2


My personal favorite car of Round 2 was Brad Wintermantle’s 2004 Ford Mustang. Brad’s Mustang has come a long way in his hands and is a great example of the kind of vehicles that belong on the Hellafunctional Showdown podium! Very clean, well thought out, and a solid on-track performer. Brad’s overall score was a 29.252, but he did manage to get his Mustang into the 28’s with a 28.601 around our Left course.


And the winner of the Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW was the oldest car in our competition! This beautiful, and FAST, 1988 Mitsubishi Starion belongs to and is piloted by John Lazorack. It was no surprise that the Starion did not receive any Hellafunctional penalty points. John took home the win with a score of 28.455. Though that average time is not faster than Chris Pilledo’s fastest overall time at Round 1 (28.150), John’s fastest overall lap was a super quick 27.732! This is the first score in the 27’s!



Another great event in the books! The 3rd round of The Drift League will not feature the Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW, but fear not grip lovers. MotoIQ is holding an ALL GRIP event on Saturday 8/25/18. So be sure to check out the MotoIQ Track Days page for all the info!

A huge thank you goes out to KW for supporting the Hellafunctional Showdown and for hooking up our podium winners with product vouchers to outfit their vehicles with some of the best aftermarket suspension products available! Keep coming back to MotoIQ for more coverage of our driving events and info on upcoming events.



  1. I wish there was an event like this closer to me on the east coast. I’d probably not be competitive but I still want to try!

  2. I know there is a show aspect to this whole competition, but adding pretty arbitrary penalties to a completely objective measurement such as lap time seems pretty counterintuitive to the “function over form” motto… perhaps it would’ve been better to separate the two.

    Also the stated penalty is meant to not penalize those that have kept their car stock or near stock as stated, but there’s several heavily modded cars who didn’t not get penalized for being “clean,” whatever that means.

    1. You need not look at this event as purely on-track competition. This is an attempt to combine elements of a car show which is completely arbitrary, and elements of motorsport competition which is black and white. If you have a better way of accomplishing this, we’re all ears. Besides, the time penalties are quite small and almost insignificant. Try to have a little fun with it man.

      If you want total competition, come out to one of our Track Challenge events.

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