Honeywell Garrett Boost Fest 2017: Part 1- Global Time Attack!


Top 3 TIGHTEST Battles!

#1 Unlimited RWD

For the crowd favorite- the toughest competition! The Unlimited RWD class never ceases to give spectators a cringe for some tough battles, and this time, the class definitely lived up to its reputation. The split between first place and third place was only four-tenths of a second, and the battle within podium positions changed several times throughout the day. Talk about a wild fight!


First place in Unlimited RWD went to Hessam Toudiee with a 1:22.577 in the Rules of Traction Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s not common to see exotic cars thrown around the track at pace, so we give props to him. Second place went to Jason Sharek with a 1:22.692 in his Mercedes C63 AMG, which barely put him away from the win by only one-tenth of a second! Will Wattanawongkiri gave Sharek a sweaty fight with a 1:22.988, placing him in third with his nearly stock F80 M3. We love these types of battles!
Jason Sharek’s C63 AMG is so fast, that I have personally seen his carbon fiber roof fly off in front of me during a prior Global Time Attack event at the main course at Willow Springs International Raceway. Talk about entering turn 8 with speed!
Just wheels and some Unlimited class legal tires is all Will Wattanawongkiri had to compete with on his F80 M3 street car. We give mad props to Will for being a true “shoe” and to our friends at WWR for their hard work and dedication to the sport.

#2 Street FWD

Less than two-hundreths of a second separated the win over second place! What a close battle in Street FWD class!


Another crazy fight for first place in the Street FWD class: Bradley Herrock barely took the win by less than two-hundredths of a second over Chris Hofmann! Herrock piloted his Honda Civic Si to a 1:29.177 and Hofmann piloted his Chevrolet Cobalt LT to a 1:29.193.  Another not-so-common FWD came in third; Jack Thomas piloted the R1 Concepts/Jolly Club Racing Fiat 500 Abarth to a 1:33.400.


It’s not every day that one will see a Chevrolet Cobalt at a racetrack. Chris Hofmann competes in his Cobalt LT in Street FWD. As a chassis that is rarely raced or competitively driven, Chris was forced to custom fabricate the majority of the upgrades on his car. Any do-it-yourself-er can definitely appreciate the hard work that he has done to the car to make it competitive. He barely missed the win this time, but we are sure he will come back even stronger for the second Pro Am round!

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