Honeywell Garrett Boost Fest 2017: Part 1- Global Time Attack!


#3 Street RWD

Only nine-tenths of a second separated first and second place, and only eight-tenths of a second separated second and third place in Street RWD class. The field was filled with RWD crowd favorites: a beautiful FD RX-7 and Honda S2000s.


An honorable mention goes to who we are sure was the youngest driver competing in Global Time Attack that day- Clement Kwong. Clement ran a respectable, 1:23.617 lap time in his Honda S2000, which brought him the Street RWD win. He normally runs a naturally aspirated setup on the S2000 (in which he also has ran a 1:23 lap time NA- and without a wing!), however he and the folks at Raceline USA decided to throw on a last minute Vortech supercharger the night before the event. At only 20 years old, we see high potential in this young driver. We are guessing that he will no longer need the Vortech supercharger, since he was the lucky guy of the raffle to win a Garrett turbo!

One of our favorite cars competing at Boost Fest was this clean, rotary-powered FD RX-7. Henry Iam piloted this boosted beauty to a 1:24.531 second place finish.


In third place was yours truly in the Karla Pestotnik Racing Honda S2000. Despite not driving the S2000 there in a few years, I was happy to put down a new personal best time in the car- a 1:25.353. We realize that this is “Boost” Fest, however I personally enjoy pushing to see what the car can do with a completely stock AP2 motor, transmission and differential. I like to either have everything stock or way too much power, and well, all I can say is- stay tuned for way too much power in the near future!


New Global Time Attack Records!


Number 555, Markos Mylonas, in the Snail Performance STI set the new Street AWD class record that was formerly held by Mark Jager. Markos wheeled the STI to a 1:20.637! We were so impressed that we had to do a feature on the car- stay tuned for a feature coming very soon!


Steven Chan reset the Limited AWD record to a 1:19.445 in the RD Engineering Nissan GT-R, which was also the fastest time for the entire Limited class with 12 competitors!


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