Honeywell Garrett Boost Fest 2017: Part 1- Global Time Attack!


Sally McNulty ran a new personal best of a 1:26.028, which secured her a third place position in Street AWD. Stay tuned for a feature on her car very soon!


Speaking of fast Subarus, Johnny Hernandez ran a quick 1:22.791 in his WRX STI. Here he is entering the blind, downhill chicane at top speed.


Another tastefully built FD RX-7 came out to play and ran a fast time of a 1:21.445 in Limited RWD. Ken Xu took home the win in his class- shortly after wiping our drool off of his car.


Not all of our honorable mentions go to fast cars; we also would like to thank the people of Global Time Attack that make things happen behind the scenes. Paul Kuzma (pictured on the left) and Tony Szirka (not pictured) arguably have the worst jobs at GTA. They deal with having to tech inspect each car thoroughly, heated protests, and angry drivers and/or teams during yearly rule changes. Talk about having to have thick skin, but we know that these guys truly care to see good competition!


Speaking of people behind the scenes that make things happen, these lovely folks are justĀ some of the great people who put together a great kick off to the 2017 GTA Time Attack season and made it happen. We give thanks and props to all of their hard work and effort!

This wraps up our first part of our 2017 Boost Festival by Honeywell Garrett event coverage. Stay tuned for part two for exciting drifting and wild exhibitions from Just Drift and Drift101 who were also holding their own events at this year’s Boost Festival by Honeywell Garrett!

And be sure to check out the official Global Time Attack Round 1 video recap!




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