Hypercar Hyper1200 Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C


Hypercar is proud to report that, unlike other tuners in the industry, by tuning with the factory ECU it retains the factory brake steering, which brakes the inside wheel to help you turn (this was developed by McLaren in Formula 1, but was later outlawed). It also offers all of its tunes without hitting the factory torque limiters. The factory airbrake still functions with Hypercar’s enhancement as well. Hypercar also reports it’s the only company currently capable of dyno-testing a 12C on a two-wheel dyno at full power.


Check out the difference between the Hyper800 vs a stock Mclaren MP4-12C. Remember, this is still just Phase 1!

Here’s the Hyper800 in comparison to the straight-line performance of the million-dollar McLaren P1!

While this run is pretty short and doesn’t show what the P1 supercar looked like it was about to do to the Hyper800 on the top end, it’s still worth showing. After all, the camera car is just a 12C with a tune and an exhaust system!

The Hyper800 is a result of tons of stress testing, making sure all can be supported with Hypercar’s 1 Year/12,000 mile warranty. Hypercar reports 26.6 miles per gallon on the highway and they’ve done this while driving up to 900 miles to meet clients in a Hyper800. Hypercar reports that, as of this writing, it’s got over 10,000 miles of testing on this car, including numerous jaunts at the Virginia International Raceway and local air strips.


If you think the Hyper800 is impressive, HyperCar also brought its third phase car, the Hyper1200!

Starting with the Phase 2, known as the Hyper1000, a HyperCar McLaren gets its globally patented,  crazy tri-turbo setup. Shown here is the Hyper1200, rated at around 1200 horsepower. It’s a medley of piping and heat shielding that’s brilliantly shoehorned into this 12C's small engine bay.

The stock M838T turbos are used to feed the big-boy turbo at the end of the tri-turbo phase. It’s no surprise to see Precision Turbo components here as lots of high-end tuners use their stuff. We've been using their stuff on our own Project Supra as well.

Each type of heat shielding serves its purpose, and HyperCar is very meticulous about heat management with this type of performance. Here we see everything from lava rock shielding over the turbos, to the aluminum shielding around the pre-intercooled charge piping, to the gold reflective shielding around the chilled piping.

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