Hypercar Hyper1200 Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C


Here is some wastegate action for you. We use a similar twin PTE setup on our Project Supra. We’re proud to have something in common with a car of this level of coolness.

On the front-center of the engine bay we can see the all-familiar McLaren stock intake manifold. But taking all the glory here is HyperCar’s coolant assist system, which features divorced cooling reservoirs for the air-to-water intercooler and the drivetrain.

Unfortunately, the downsides to McLaren MP4-12Cs and 650s in high performance situations, especially at airstrips and tracks on hot days, are high radiator and oil temps, as well as intercooler temps, which kick these cars into limp mode.


With the systems separated, HyperCar keeps one dedicated to each system. In the case of the intercooling system, which is air-to-water…

…HyperCar uses another large reservoir in the front boot.

As you can see, they’re keeping it as cold as possible in there!

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