Hypercar Hyper1200 Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C


With inlets like these, which feed the large transverse radiators, one would think that McLarens wouldn't need these extra cooling upgrades, but with so much additional power comes extra heat.

This cover is known as the armadillo engine cover. Between the inlets, large louvers, all of that heat shielding and wrapping, and the vastly improved cooling system, the Hyper1200 is set for repeated, high-speed blasts. The rear faring was also redone to help heat escape the engine bay.  The stock one has a lot plastic parts that retain unwanted heat in the engine bay.

HyperCar has also teamed up with Lucas Oils for their help with heat management. Lucas Oils provides HyperCar with a custom oil mix for its vehicles. Hypercar reports that no other tuner has the engine know-how that they do when it comes to the McLarens. HyperCar claims the strongest internals, and that they’re the only ones to have not only torn open the entire drivetrain, but also put it back together. They hold a global patent on the HyperCar Tri-Boost configuration as well.


Aside from its weight, the MP4-12C’s aerodynamics underneath the car also help explain how a McLaren can move quicker when compared to other cars of the same power level. This is looking from the front of the car.

I'm a huge fan of large finned diffusers, and this sweet aftermarket unit was on the Hyper1200. But Hypercars reports it’s working on its own setup as I write this.

Here is a view underneath from the rear. Totally smooth.

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