Hypercar Hyper1200 Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C


HyperCar brought the Hyper1200 out that day to do some preliminary testing but it had nothing to report as of yet, given the new nature of the engine and tune. We hope to have some updates soon, however. Maybe we'll even see it compared to a McLaren P1.

It’s one thing to have big horsepower; it’s another to have it in a supercar like a McLaren MP4-12C or 650S. There are a few people who will not settle for anything less (meet the typical HyperCar customer).

The HyperCar team was busting its hump, testing at the Texas Mile well into the night (and so was Jeff Naeyaert, our photographer. Thanks Jeff!)

One last look at that tri-turbo Hypercar setup because it's just so sexy!

I mentioned earlier in the story about my experience in a bone stock McLaren MP4-12C, and how impressed I was with its power delivery. I’ve been around cars my whole life, and have had the fortunate opportunity to be freelancing for various car publications for the past 16 years. But I tell ya; very few cars got me as excited as I was about the McLaren MP4-12C. I can only imagine what it must be like in a Hyper800, let alone a Hyper1200.  At this point, the Hyper800 sounds so perfect to me. What do you say, Ronny?



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