Hypercar Hyper1200 Tri-Turbo McLaren MP4-12C


Here’s a nice view of the Hyper1200 showcasing the lightweight HyperCar T6 forged aluminum wheels, which reportedly save between 10-30 lb overall rotating mass, depending on the car.

While the McLaren 650S came standard with carbon ceramic brakes, it was ordered as an option on the 12C. While the other Hyper800 MP4-12C we photographed here got the carbon ceramic brakes as an option, HyperCar upgraded the orange Hyper1200 to these.

Here’s a close-up of the carbon ceramic rotors. I got a chance to tour Brembo’s factory last year for its 40th anniversary in racing (which started with the Nikki Lauda F1 Ferrari, as seen in the movie “RUSH”, in 1975). Everything about it was so impressive, from the amount of detail in the work, to the cost of the machinery, to the exclusiveness—after all, only 3250 cars get equipped with these brakes each year world wide.

The rear wheel is one inch taller than the front (20in, as compared to 19in for the front), providing a lot more straight-line traction.

The rear wheel also has a twin caliper setup (the black one for the E-brake). Take another look at the wheel. Notice all the areas they were able to take out mass, and yet it's still visually apealing at the same time.

Let's see how the Hyper1200 sounds on the dyno shall we!

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