Inside the Rahal Letterman Lanigan RLL BMW M6 GTLM


The center grill kidney bean inlets feed the twin intercoolers through streamlined carbon fiber ducts. The duct is split where the upper partition is the intercooler discharge.
The duct flow is split off before the heat exchangers and some of the flow is diverted to ram into the air intakes for the twin turbochargers. The ram flow might help get a little more air density to the compressors reducing their power requirements and thus reducing backpressure.
The bottom grill opening feeds the slant mounted radiator.  The radiator vents up and out of the hood taking up the lower part of the divided carbon fiber duct that handles the intercooler exit air as well.  The intercooler exhaust air flows from the top part of the duct.
Although the factory unibody is retained, the front suspension is nothing like the factory multilink stuff.  This is pure racecar, unequal length A arms with fabricated uprights.  No compromised suspension geometry here!  Zero bump steer, proper camber curve and no tons of antidive, how all cars should be made!

One sightly unusual thing is that the tie rod points somewhat backwards so a lot of Ackerman has to be built into the upright to counter this.

The shocks are Ohlins through shaft 4 way adjustable badassness. The adjustments are high and low speed on compression and rebound.  A through shaft means that there is no gas reaction force due to shock shaft displacement to contend with when tuning.  This is because the shock shaft goes entirely through the damper’s body, exiting at the bottom.

The Ohlins have a coaxial body so there is no need for a remote reservoir.  This makes for a compact and lightweight shock without vulnerable hoses and cannisters that a home must be found for.

It’s hard to see but the front sway bar is an adjustable blade type.

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