Inside the Rahal Letterman Lanigan RLL BMW M6 GTLM
This NACA style duct feeds the engine oil cooler via the carbon ducts in the trunk.
A single element carbon fiber rear wing provides moderate downforce with minimal drag.
Another look at the light weight and sturdy wing mounts that couple the wing to the chassis.
The rear diffuser design is straightforward with a straight 10 or so degree kick up from the flat bottom and six vertical strakes for vortex generation to help keep the under car airflow attached to the diffuser’s roof.
A really cool detail that is often ignored on many race cars is that the wheelwells are totally sealed with carbon wheelwell liners. By reducing air leakage around this area the undercar aero’s effectiveness and efficiency is greatly increased.
The exit air for the engine oil heat exchanger is right over the roof of the diffuser.  This is a great low pressure zone to help airflow across the core.  The air also helps increase the diffuser’s effectiveness.

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