Inside the Rahal Letterman Lanigan RLL BMW M6 GTLM
You can see that the M6 uses the factory unibody for it’s basic structure. The roll cage is very elaborate and serves to stiffen the chassis as well as to provide driver protection.
The driver’s seat is a containment device designed to protect the driver like a helmet for his whole body in a very violent crash.  It is also designed to be easily removed through the roof with the driver strapped in to avoid hurting the driver further during a rescue operation.
A rearward look through the cage shows just how many tubes and gussets it has. Also note the carbon roof skin to save weight.
A look at the roof structure.  You can see the pre cut area in the roof skin for emergency driver extraction.
The carbon fiber steering wheel looks like one from an open wheel racer.  It has controls for engine mapping, traction control maps, shifting and more basic stuff like power, radio, wipers and display reset.
This Cosworth/Pectel membrane switch panel controls most of the car’s electrical stuff.  The BMW knob controls the brake balance though mechanical adjustment of the dual master cylinder assemblies balance bar.  The car’s electronics are engineered by the factory, and integrates control units from Cosworth/Pectel and Zytek with some proprietary BMW components.

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