Inside the Rahal Letterman Lanigan RLL BMW M6 GTLM
The Ohlins shock mounts to the knuckle at the bottom and to a tubular structure leading to the chassis on the top.
The rear suspension also uses unequal length A arms, correct proper race car rear geometry, fabricated knuckles and Ohlins 4-way shocks.
The AP rear brakes use a 4 piston version of AP’s new Radical caliper.  Extensive use of FEA and CNC machining reduces the weight to a minimum without impacting stiffness.  The cored out construction also gives a lot of room for cooling air to circulate through the caliper itself.
The rear brakes are cooled with air from ducts that lead from scoops in the bodywork. Air is directed to the center of the rotor where it flows outward through the rotor’s vanes.

You can’t see it because of all the carbon shrouding but instead of a transmission, the car sports a 6 speed transaxle by Ricardo.  The transaxle has a conventional clutch type limited slip differential, different from the semi exotic viscous over clutches of previous years. The rear mounted transaxle improves weight distribution over the conventional transmission of the stock car.

The front brakes are also AP with a six piston version of the Radical caliper being used.
The front brakes are cooled with two ducts, one that feeds the rotor and another one that is fed to a carbon clamshell that forces the air through the AP Radical caliper itself.

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