Inside the Rahal Letterman Lanigan RLL BMW M6 GTLM
This video monitor serves as the rearview camera.
The M6 uses a mix of bespoke BMW Motorsports electronics with off the shelf products like Cosworth/Pectel. This is part of the power distribution system. With direct injection, power control is more complicated due to the high power requirements of the high pressure direct injection system. 
 An electrically actuated Lifeline Aqueous Film Forming Foam fire system is used.  It is tiny and compact.  The foam extinguishes well and is completely environmentally safe. 
This is part of the car’s video system.  There are several cameras linked to the car’s data system, a broadcast camera and a rearview camera.
Several production car control modules are linked to the car’s motorsports electronics systems via a CANBUS network.  The Bosch boxes are for a cellular based telemetry system for real time data communication with the pits.
The large Cosworth/Pectel box is a MQ12Di ECU. This is a ECU that is capable of controlling high current common rail direct injection with an additional driver box.  The smaller Cosworth box is a gyro/multi axis directional sensor.
The rear wing requires sturdy braces that mount directly to the chassis.  Carbon fiber ductwork feeds the rear mounted engine oil heat exchanger from outside air intakes in the quarter panels. You can see how much of the car’s OEM unibody is retained here in the trunk.
The big blue schrader valve looking thing is where the lance for the air jack system connects. The large silver box is the high current Zytek EDU direct injector driver unit.

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