Japanese Cars That Don’t Suck!


The new NSX is a true technological terror in its most pure form.

Acura NSX

The first generation of NSX was arguably the first Japanese exotic car. With an unheard of for the time, all aluminum construction, mid engine, high revving NA engine. The lightweight NSX was a pure driver's car.

What we wished Honda/Acura did with the car was to do something like what Porsche has done so well with the 911 and evolve it over the years, keeping the same DNA. Our modern proposed NSX would be an evolution of the original: lightweight, all aluminum body, under 3150 lbs, with a high revving 550 hp 5-liter NA V8 and an 8-speed dual clutch transmission. Such a car would be an amazing driver's car and a Porshe GT3 RS beater for a cheaper cost. It would also pay homage to what I feel should be the NSX DNA.


The new NSX is an incredibly complicated car with a 3.5-liter twin turbo engine with 3 electric motors and a big battery pack. 

Instead, the new NSX is a spectacle of technology run amuck.  A performance hybrid with a 500 hp 3.5-liter twin turbo engine supplemented by 3 electric motors for a total of 575 hp, the NSX has a 9-speed dual clutch transmission and thanks to computer-controlled everything, exotic features like torque vectoring to help its almost 3900 lbs hustle around the track. 

The NSX has a similar performance envelope to the much cheaper base GT-R while the Nismo edition and track package can out do it, still for less money. The NSX has odd handling characteristics such as turn in oversteer and is more numb and isolating than the GT-R.

It's a fast and groundbreaking car for sure, but is it legendary and iconic? We are not sure.


We love the VA Subaru WRX. Dollar per dollar you can't beat its mix of performance, price, and practicality. 

The Subaru WRX

We love the latest 4th generation version of the WRX; oddly enough we probably like it better than its tough brother- the STI! Even though the FA20F 2-liter turbo engine is down 42 hp from the STI, it makes its peak torque 2000 rpm sooner at only 2000 rpm!

This super responsive, small turbo motor that can make a large amount of low-end torque nearly right from idle, makes the car super zippy and tremendously fun to drive with acceleration that seems greater than its indicated power should be. 


With some simple bolt on's and a Cobb access port, power parity with the STI is easily, cheaply and quickly achieved with a much wider powerband to boot. The little 2-liter direct gas injection engine does all of this with great fuel economy as well. Our Project WRX holds down 26 mpg while being driven like an asshole. 

With some improvements like STI beating StopTech big brakes, some quality suspension parts and nice big sticky tires, the WRX can smoke a stock STI for a smaller price tag while getting great fuel economy.



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