Japanese Cars That Don’t Suck!


One of the biggest things the STI has over the WRX is the STI's stock Brembo brakes. This awesome 4 wheel StopTech big brake kit provides much more stopping capacity for less money!

The Cobb Access port with some simple bolt-on's brings the WRX up to STI power standards and even slightly more power while keeping the tremendously quick turbo response and amazing low-end torque. The fact the fuel economy remains great is icing on the cake. 

The other great things are the cars 4-door practicality, decent interior room and best of all, the low price. We doubt there are many cars with this level of performance and practicality for the same price! The only thing about the WRX that isn't endearing is that it looks somewhat homely, but since we like the overall car so much we can overlook that. 


Honorable Mentions

Below are some current Japanese cars that are good and almost great. They certainly don't suck, but they're not quite there in our opinion. Although great cars, they are either not all there as a balanced package, too expensive for what you get or lacking in performance compared to their competition. 


The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is a nice RWD, front engine coupe that is reminiscent of the original AE86.

Toyota 86/FR-S/Subaru BRZ

The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ is a joint venture between Toyota and Subaru. Using Subaru's FA20 direct injection 2-liter boxer 4 cylinders and Impreza suspension and brakes, wrapped in a compact and attractive body, the 86/BRZ almost walked into our hearts. 

I say almost because I feel that the engine for the car sucks. The little FA20 is too little for a car with such sporty potential and intent. The car looks great and is sort of fun to drive, but it doesn't go anywhere. Somehow the 200 hp 2-liter doesn't feel like 200 hp and everything seems to take forever. 


Our Project FR-S has a screw type supercharger, and it still feels slow. The supercharger made the car go from feeling somewhat pathetic to perhaps how this is should feel bone stock! Even with the blower, the car is still one of the slowest in the MotoIQ project car fleet and no one wants to drive it. 

What would make the Toyota 86 a great car? It seems like a no-brainer. Drop in the FA20F turbo engine from the VA WRX. It would bolt right up and with it's insanely fast spooling high torque turbo, it would wake the car up. Heck, I would buy one of these! They would sell them all. 

Adding an off the shelf Subaru turbo engine would make the car easy and cheap to get lots of additional power out of it and would wake the car up, making it a giant killer and giving it the performance to match its svelte looks and decently light weight. Come on Toyota/Subaru, what's stopping you?


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