Japanese Cars That Don’t Suck!


Part of the reason why the MX-5 handles so well and is generally so fun to drive is because of Dave Coleman's efforts. Unlike most corporate engineers, Dave can drive and gets it 100%. If something was lame about the MX-5, you can bet Dave knew about it and was fighting to get it changed. Corporations need more Dave Colemans and more bosses of engineers need to listen to the Dave Colemans that work for them. 

Mazda even makes a club racer version of the MX-5 that can be purchased and raced. 

All Mazdas

If you ever work around Madza employees, you notice a difference. At other OEM's, most of the employees are not car guys and could be pushing cookies for Keebler or making Maytag washers. Mazda employees are gearheads, or the many that I have met are anyway. It's a way different culture than at Nissan where I came from, where most of the employees had only a casual interest in cars and nothing that you could call passion. 

Mazda employees build and race Mazdas. They get excited when bench racing or talking about cars. Their cars reflect this and most Mazdas are pretty fun to drive. Unfortunately, there is one common denominator that holds the companies products back in general. Their engines have never been on the same page as the rest of the cars. 

Someone give them some great engines and watch them rule the world! 


Our Project 370Z had some success in local Time Attack competitions. 

The Nissan 370Z

We would like the 370 more if Nissan did. Basically, Nissan has done nothing to majorly improve the car since it launched more than 8 years ago. The 370 is a great performing car, but it is not a performance car value. You can currently buy a Mustang or a Camaro that could smoke it for less money. 

Since the American competition has vastly improved quality lately and has more sophisticated features like IRS and other goodies, the Mustang and Camaro are not just cheaper but actually better cars now. As good as the Z is, Nissan has to offer more for the money. 


Nissan has let the 370Z languish for 8 years with no major improvements. The American pony cars have caught up and past it for performance, build quality and value. 

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