Japanese Cars That Don’t Suck!


Nissan should keep the Z's DNA and not come up with a car that is completely different but to build on the existing 370Z platform to make it a market leading, front engine rear drive sports car. 

What would we like to see in the 370Z? First, we would like to see Nissan ditch the expensive and complicated VQ37VHR engine and drop in a 4-liter version of the VQ- based on the bigger displacement truck engines and use more conventional variable valve timing. We would want to see this engine make about 400 whp. 

Then, bring back the twin turbo Z with a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter long rod version of the motor, making 530 hp and beating the Porsche GT-3 at its own game for a fraction of the cost. This would also send the domestics packing. The cost of the twin turbo can be 7-8k more than the base Z and raise the Z back up to Nissan flagship territory again. 

With this strategy, Nissan can let the GT-R be the high-tech flagship while the Z can become a pure traditional driver's car flagship at a more affordable price. This would also make the Nissan brand regain some of its lost luster against its competition. Anyone at Nissan listening? I doubt it, but if they hired more car guys and fewer cookie pushers, something this great could easily be built out of the Nissan corporate parts bin.

With this, we are fresh out of cool Japanese cars. Some of them need some work to be truly great but there is a glimmer of hope out there. Someone is going to need to expand on that if we are to see another renaissance of cool Japanese cars. We hope the Japanese product planners and engineers do just that and quit being so green car obsessed in their home markets, taking steps to keep the Japanese companies on top globally. 

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