Japanese Cars That Don’t Suck!


The Lexus F Performance cars are all pretty cool cars, except that the are down in power from similarly priced offerings from BMW and Audi. The GS-F is a decently good performing, large sedan. It is still quite a bit slower and less crisp in the handling department compared to M Series BMW's and the R series Audi's. 

Lexis F Series

According to some PR boilerplate I was given to read over at the launch of the IS-F a few years ago, the “F” in F series really is supposed to mean the same as the F in WTF! 

The F cars are more or less Lexus's attempt to produce a line of cars that are something like BMW's M series. We think that they are pretty decent cars, but with the introduction of the IS-F and guessing Lexus' intentions caused BMW and Audi to step it up, producing cars with more than 100 hp over what the hot rod Lexus's make with better handling to boot. The F-Series got leapfrogged by their competition. Although I own an IS-F, my next family car will probably be an M car for these reasons. 

The F-Series is in my opinion, the best of the Japanese luxury/performance/touring cars currently out there and whoop ass on the uninspired Infiniti's that don't even make our runner up list.


The RC-F is a great car, but the BMW M cars and the Audi Sport versions of similarly sized cars make more power.

The LC Series of Lexus coupes are about to hit the market at any time now. We actually like the styling, which is unusual for us with a current Japanese car. Although great performing, we think they are about 100 hp down from what they should be. 

The ND Miata is one of the best handling cars we have ever driven. Ever.

The ND MX-5 Miata

So much of the MX-5 is just right; it is small, lightweight, nimble, sparkling in the handling department and a joy to drive. What keeps it from making our greats list? The engine. The Skyactive engine is probably the most fun and responsive green, super mileage motors out there, but it is still that- a fuel economy optimized engine that is engineered to be as springy and responsive as possible. It is still an economy engine though with only moderate power and a low rev limit.

What would be awesome? An ND with one of the old Honda K-Series engines mounted FR! That would be our unicorn and such a motor would match the ND chassis. Heck, give us a Skyactive mileage motor with a small turbo with a zippy response like the WRX. Hear that, Coleman?


We even like the styling of the ND MX-5. The only thing we could want is a real coupe with a solid roof. This would have superior body stiffness and would be lighter where it counts, up high where it can help out the CG. Give us this and a 250 hp turbo motor with a slick shifting 6-speed manual, and we would take a couple of them each! Coleman, help!



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