Keep It Simple – Go Tuning’s Spoon Sports Civic


Nothing too amazing here in the fuel system, a SARD rail converts the injectors to top feed in order to use their 1000cc/min injectors.  Top feed injectors are much cheaper with a greater variety of size options than big capacity OEM style side feed injectors.  NGK Iridium plugs are used while the rest of the ignition system remains stock.
A Trust (Greddy) tube and fin intercooler is used.  We prefer tube and fin intercoolers for road racing because they can shed heat much faster than bar and plate intercoolers as long as there is a constant and sufficient airflow, just like what you see in road racing.  They are also much lighter size per size than bar and plate intercoolers.  A Calsonic racing radiator helps keep the engine cool when teamed up with a Setrab oil cooler.
A MoTeC M800 engine management system is used.  Tried and true and a step back from the latest and greatest, you can't beat MoTeC for universal serviceability and robustness.  Go Tuning remapped the car so it could run better with US spec fuel.  US spec race gas is better than typical Japanese race fuel so the engine gained driveability and power with re tuning.  The engine is not run hard and puts out 430 whp and 295 lb/ft of torque at 8000 rpm.  More power could be obtained with some additional boost which is easily added.
The power steering reservoir is out of the engine compartment in the car's interior mounting on this cool bracket.
A Bosch 044 Motorsports fuel pump feeds the motor from a large surge tank.  You can see the pump and filter here.  The black quick disconnect valve is so that the pump can be used to empty the tank and surge tank if needed.
A Bosch 044 lift pump transfers fuel from the stock fuel tank to this large surge tank which feeds the main fuel pump. The surge tank ensures that there won't be any fuel starvation issues under hard cornering.

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