Keep It Simple – Go Tuning’s Spoon Sports Civic


The Gram Lite 57 wheels have plenty of caliper clearance even with the big Brembos.
On a FWD car the rear wheels are lightly loaded so you can easily get away with stock rear brakes with no problems.
The rear windows are replaced with carbon sheets for lower weight.
The Go Tuning Spoon Sport Civic should serve as inspiration as it is not anything too far out or unobtainable.  It is a solid well built car with a top driver.  That is it, good preparation, solid driving puts the team within striking distances of speeds set by very radical cars.
Go Tuning is Spoon Sports' official USA distributor.   Most Honda fans are well aware of Spoon Sports but if you are not a fan of Honda, Spoon Sports is an independent tuner with close ties to the Honda Factory and Honda's supplier base.  Spoon parts are all well engineered and high quality, many of them being build by Honda's OEM suppliers.  Spoon Sports is sort of like another closely related Honda tuner Mugen.  Think of Spoon Sports being similar to TRD or Nismo.
Go Tuning has a large inventory of Spoon Sports parts in stock and ready to go. No order from Japan lag.

The first competition outing by Go Tuning was simply an exercise in getting the car out on the track and running some laps.  If the splitter had not failed you we probably would have seen a new FWD Unlimited record that day.

The team is going continue to do some minor improvements to the car and will return with Yoshihara at the wheel once again, this time in a focused effort to break the record. With some minor changes, new soft compound slicks (the 1:46.3 testing lap time was run on old heat cycled medium compound slicks) and improved aero this should be easy.

Simple can be better.



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