Keep It Simple – Go Tuning’s Spoon Sports Civic


The lower rear arm is stock.  It is not pictured but the stock rear anti sway bar is used.
The rear Endless shock is adjustable for droop travel by adjusting the eye to eye length.
Rear camber is adjustable through a CNC billet adjustable upper arm made by 5Ziegen. It is amazing how untrick the car's suspension is, just good basic bolt on parts.
The front brakes use Brembo monoblock 4 piston calipers and a 355mm floating tang drive front rotor.  Endless brake pads are used.  Long studs are used so spacers can be added safely if needed..
The rear brakes are stock with Endless pads.  Like the front, long rear studs are used.  The cars braking system is very straightforward with no exoticness, just good parts bolted right on.
An adjustable rear proportioning valve is used.  There's no pedal box, dual master cylinders or balance bar in sight. 

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