Keep It Simple – Go Tuning’s Spoon Sports Civic


The stock brake and clutch master cylinders are used but the reservoirs are remotely mounted to get them away from the exhaust heat.
In typical Japanese fashion, there is very little thought put into driver crash safety.  This is the sole area where we don't agree with the level of this car's prep.  The roll cage is a street style bolt in cage with minimal protection and contribution to chassis stiffness.  It would not pass US or Australian tech for Road Racing.  A full weld in cage would contribute a lot to both driver safety and chassis stiffness. The improvement in handling would make up for the slight weight penalty. The bolt in cage is a lot better than nothing and in Time Attack you won't have an extreme T-Bone type accident like you could in wheel to wheel racing.
Like the rest of the car, the interior is simple and straightforward.  A Momo steering wheel is used on the stock steering column.
A 5Zigen racing seat is used.  I wonder if this is FIA approved?  Takata harnesses hold the driver in place.  We don't really like how the harnesses are mounted but it seems like this detail is often lacking in Japanese built cars.
This carbon panel holds all of the switches.  The car really used to run nitrous in Japan.  The nitrous system has been removed. 
The shell of the stock dash remains.  It is covered in flocking to keep down the glare.  The sole instrument in the stock dash area is this huge Autometer tach in a carbon panel.  Temp and oil pressure gauges are mounted above where the stock warning lights might be found. 

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