Keep It Simple – Go Tuning’s Spoon Sports Civic


The fuel filler has been relocated to the outer edge of the trunk. 
This box serves as breather tank for the engine. 
The front strut is a specially valved Endless coilover.  It is single adjustable in rebound and uses a 28 kg/mm front Swift spring.
The lower arm is a 5Zigen part that rides on spherical bearings.  The lower arm is adjustable for camber and caster and corrects the roll center. The car runs an amazing 9 degrees of positive caster, a large amount for a FWD car.  it works well though.  Although not pictured, the tie rods can be shimmed for bump steer correction.
The lower arm also has a nice mount for a front swaybar.  The stock front swaybar is used. The front suspension is very straight forward.  Nothing too crazy and all reproducible by nearly any decently intelligent person of modest means willing to hire a good fabricator. 
The rear suspension is also very simple.  A single adjustable specially valved Endless damper is mated to a 22 kg/mm rear Swift spring. 

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