Keep Racing Fun- Bonneville Speed Week 2013


Electric gadgets for 5 people need charging!  It was hard keeping everyone charged up on the salt.  With poor cell coverage everyone's phone was eating power like crazy.  The road back had long stretches with absolutely no cell coverage at all.  You don't want to break down here.

Jeff and Martin take pics of the scenery with cell cameras.

The narrows are the twisty and dangerous part of the Silver State Classic Course.  They are also beautiful.  You can appreciate this when going slow in a motorhome.  You can also see all of the rocks you will die in if you eat crap here in the Silver State.

Our route home also travels on Hwy 375 aka the extraterrestrial highway that skirts area 51.  We didn't see UFO's or anything but we did see this jerky place. The sign looked a little different than what we saw last time we went this way but the dilapidated stand was familiar.  Chuck said the lonely girl working there had the hots for him but he always thinks that kind of thing.  When we asked if the jerky was grey or brown she looked puzzled.  Maybe she was an alien.

We stopped in the Town of Elko or something to cook lunch and stretch our legs.

Driving through the small town of Las Vegas, we saw this place when we stopped for gas.  We have to visit here during SEMA!

The final stretch home and we even managed to miss traffic.

Well we came and didn't exactly kick ass but we did manage to smash the previous record.  One of the troubles about this sort of racing is that there is nowhere to test other than El Mirage which is only run a few times a year.  Test and develop we will and we vow that next year we will do our best push the record much higher and break into the 200 mph club. 

The car can easily do it and we can sort out the minor teething problems that plagued us this year.  Our car is probably also pretty good for stuff like the Texas mile and once we have the H/PS record locked in, we will probably go back to 2 liters and run even faster.  We think the S13 has some aero advantages over other cars that should be useful.  We also have the potential to add aero and go for other records at other events.

Stay Tuned!




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