Keep Racing Fun- Bonneville Speed Week 2013


Since we were stuck waiting for parts, Martin and Jeff took a few random shots around the pits.  In Land Speed Record Racing there are many different classes so there are many types of different racers out there.  Here is a Ferrari racer.

You must have your car set on a tarp which helps keep the salt clean.  You are not allowed to drip or spill anything on the salt either.

The many different classes allow for a diverse range of cars to be competitive, more so than any other form of Motorsports.  This makes for a visual treat as you roam the pits.

A lakester is a classic form of LSR car, made from a surplus, aircraft drop tank.  This is a modern Lakester.

I think this car was suffering from driveline problems.

Like us, this car was running in one of the classes for production vehicles.

There are many classes for bikes as well.  This was just one example of what we saw out there.

Some of the faster cars were well into the 300 mph range!

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