Keep Racing Fun- Bonneville Speed Week 2013


We scramble to recover the car at the end of the course.  Chuck tells us that the handling is much improved but the car lost boost right after the start line and he only had around 14 psi toward the end.  We are worried that we didn't go fast enough to set the record.  We hear on the radio that we had still gone 178 plus MPH, even with no power we still set the record by a wide margin!

Since we had unofficially broken the record, we had to go through tech to make it official.  In tech they verified our engine size by measuring the bore and stoke through the spark plug hole and checking the cranking volume with a flow meter.

A little paperwork and Chuck officially has the new H/PS world record at 178.9 mph. We had broken the old record by 11.4 mph!  We were disappointed that we had not gone faster but we still had the record.  Not bad for a first attempt.

We tried to find the cause for our low boost but could not find anything conclusive that was obvious.  Since taking apart the turbo system is at least an all day project even in the shop and we were running out of days, we decided to call it quits for this year vowing to return with a fully sorted car next year.  Considering the car suffered from plenty of new race car blues and we were 200 hp down from projected power, just think what we will do next year!  Now it's time to have fun.  We pack up our pits and head out.

We decide to camp in the mountains above the salt flats.  Since we are self contained we can easily just go anywhere.

Our camp is beautiful and we spend the rest of the day off roading, mountain biking, barbecuing and shooting the pellet gun.  Good times with good friends.

The next day we hit the road early.  It was our chance to see the sights as we had driven up most of the way in the middle of the night through pitch blackness.  The first part of the road is on hwy 318 which is the route of the Sliver State Classic open road race.  We had run that race a few years back.

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