Keep Racing Fun- Bonneville Speed Week 2013


The next morning we meet up on the salt again.  Chris fetches ice and drinks with the RZR. Sean was on his way to Salt Lake City AGAIN to get the ECU and we had another one due to arrive via air freight from JWT the next morning. Sean would have to go to Salt Lake City to pick that one too as Wendover is too small of a town to have next day air morning delivery.  Sean must have driven over 800 miles fetching parts that week.  What a friend!

Poor Annie, she spent a good part of this day crammed under the dash, helping me with numerous wiring issues.  I could not fit or reach around the roll cage and intercooler tank and even Christa could not reach some things.  Annie had all the tricks to get into the furthest reaches of the under dash region.

I think Annie is helping me relocate the main engine harness. My back hurt so bad that my eyes were watering.  It was hot in there as well. I took a bunch of pictures of Annie in funny contortions and posted them on Instagram to annoy her.


Jerry  Hoffman from DIY stopped by to help.  Jerry is a friend of Chris Allen and they are the guys behind the Megasquirt DIY ECU.  Look for some cool Megasquirt projects coming up in MotoIQ. Jerry had a cool oscilloscope dongle for his laptop and helped us identify a few problems, like our battery was not providing sufficient voltage anymore and that our limp mode problem was accompanied by an unexplained voltage drop lasting a few milliseconds.  These problems coupled with the fact that the ECU was not storing codes at all lead us to believe that the ECU was at fault.

Jerry showing us the logs of what's up.  That is one cool diagnostic tool.  We are not going back to Bonneville again without a Conzult laptop dongle to look at ECU data.  This tool would have saved us hours and hours of wire harness probing with a DMM.

Meanwhile Chris Marion adjusts the shocks to some of my new settings I have decided to try based on what happened during testing at El Mirage dry lake.  While setting a new class record at El Mirage, the rear of the car was settling too much resulting in excessive lift which was making the car hard to control and we had some tricks up our sleeve to counter that.

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