Keep Racing Fun- Bonneville Speed Week 2013


The carbon fiber air guide in the front of the car has the signatures from most of the people who have helped on this project in some way or form.  There are a lot of people helping as you can see.

Chris Allen in his Polaris RZR.  This handy small 4WD vehicle was essential in saving a lot of time.  We used it to fetch parts and supplies almost continuously.  It was also pretty fun to hoon around in!

Ever the task master, Chuck establishes dominance over his crew.  We hate it when he gets like this…

Meanwhile Jeff documents the lack of progress and frustration we are experiencing with the car on video.  We will have a cool video showing the drama behind the scenes as soon as Alex is done shooting some big movie somewhere and can work on it.

The good point of the day was that the great Larry Chen of Speedhunters shot the car for a Speedhunters feature.  Look for that soon!  The bad news was that we had to push the car around to get the shots since it was not running.

The rules say that you have to pack up and leave the salt every day by 8 pm.  We still don't know what's wrong with the car so we go to a truck stop parking lot in Wendover to try and trouble shoot the car further.  The sunrises and sunsets on the salt flats are breathtaking, but no one notices.

Sean returns from Salt Lake City with a new airflow meter and we install it in the parking lot and continue to work on the car.  The new airflow meter doesn't solve the problem at all.  Meanwhile Chuck locates a Slivia ECU with a JWT Daughterboard from another friend in you guessed it, Salt Lake City, and Sean has to drive out there again in the morning to get it.  By this time we have checked all the pin outs to the ECU with a DMM and are getting really pissed.  The truckers we are disturbing are probably getting pissed too but they don't tell us to stop.  We are now reasonably sure the problem is in the ECU.  For D/SP class you must run a factory ECU although it is legal to reprogram it.  Unfortunately, the electronics in a 25 year old ECU can be temperamental.

Jeff in his usual state, semi clothed and horizontal.  Jeff is not too modest about ventilating the ol' sack and we were often treated to this sort of view and worse.  You should see his fringed cut off short shorts.  I am not joking about them either.

We leave the parking lot and go camp on the rim of the salt flats for the night.  The stars at night are amazing and we watch a big meteor shower.

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