KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour


When a shock is sent in for service, the fluid is filtered so that any debris in the shock can be identified and the root cause addressed. 
Here is an example of debris found in the fluid, in this case it's simply dirt that found its way past the seals. 
An assortment of shaft rods are available in case one is damaged and a replacement is needed. Custom rods can be built in house as well. 
Shocks are torn down, cleaned and inspected with worn parts refurbished or replaced. 
KW has an ecco safe cleaning tank. I was skeptical that it works acceptably since most environmentally safe California approved products suck.  I got busy cleaning parts to test it. Klaus Frank thinks this is really funny for some reason. 
Just outside of the Race Department lab is ST Suspensions' sway bar production line and part of KW's machine shop.

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