KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour


KW's CNC machine is used mostly for finishing Belltech lowering spindles.  It is used for machining the hub axles for the spindles as well.  The CNC machine can also be used for machining shock bodies and shafts.
A regular lathe is there as well for smaller and one-off jobs. 
KW's huge R&D room is quite impressive, well organized and clean.  Here test fits and measurements can be performed.
KW's Chief engineer Klaus Frank and I share a similar hobby- odd, two-stoke small displacement bikes. Here is a beautiful, vintage Bultaco trials bike.  That's about as esoteric as it gets. 
In this area ST Suspensions dampers are assembled. Everything is well laid out and super organized.  A lot of ST stuff is brought in from Germany, but more and more production is being switched to the USA. 
Belltech truck shocks are assembled in this area. 

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